Maddy Calderwood

Senior Occupational Therapist

Maddy’s passion for OT has developed through some unique experiences. During her time completing her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy she was fortunate to have a placement in a country setting where she was exposed to working with people across their life span, something that is not typical when practicing in a metropolitan area. This particular placement sparked an ongoing interest in working with all ages in a rural setting which she now does for The Potential Ability Group throughout the Adelaide Hills and Murray Mallee regions.

Maddy’s passion for her work is centered on creating an equal opportunity for everyone, a concept which was strengthened when she engaged in a 10-week placement in Cambodia during the final year of her degree. During this experience Maddy was challenged to become resourceful and really think about how she could make a difference as an OT when faced with the lack of supports and cultural stigma that is attached to disability in Cambodia, and witnessing firsthand the students she was working with who were not attending school or engaging in their community because of this. Maddy knew her attitude would be key to making a difference and decided to use home visits as a way to educate the teachers she was working with, and the client families, regarding the importance of play, social interaction and engagement. The positive results and reactions from the children helped encourage the teachers to regularly go back and visit their students who were not getting to school, therefore providing education and social interaction, and the families also.

Maddy values her independence and her role as an OT allows her to support others to maintain and/or increase their level of independence in an environment they choose to be in, and in a way that is unique to their needs. She loves that her clients all have different interests, challenges and strengths and that she can use all of these when working to support them.

Outside of work Maddy loves to be in the kitchen and spend time with her family at home when she isn’t outdoors with her beloved dog or taking him on road trips to explore new areas... and we love seeing all the road tripping pictures!