Senior Occupational Therapist

Gemma is one of our Senior Occupational Therapists and works part time to support the team and families in Strathablyn and surrounding areas. Gemma has been with us since 2013 after finishing a Bachelor in Health Science and Masters of Occupational Therapy.

Through Gemma’s roles with The Potential Ability Group she has been fortunate enough to work with people across the life span, from children at a young age through to older clients where she is inspired every day to make even the smallest differences for children and adults alike, and their families.

Gemma is passionate about working with children with a range of abilities and challenges and helping them reach their potential and has a keen interest in Occupational Practice within burns rehabilitation and equipment assessment and prescription. Gemma revels in having the opportunity to extend and expand her clinical knowledge and practice skills on a daily basis and loves being able to celebrate small positive wins client's gain and the big different these make in their lives, and the lives of their caregivers. A key part of how she achieves this is by giving the time and space for clients and their loved ones to be listened to.

Gemma loves the outdoors and being active, and if it is sporty, she is there. Basketball, netball, going for runs,  bike riding, surfing, water skiing, fishing, walks on the beach, bush hikes or camping all rate highly on her activity list! Gem also loves to explore the peninsulas and the south east, and you will find her doing these things regularly with her husband, family and friends.

It’s not surprising Gemma is so active… a sensory seeker of movement and noise herself when she needs to concentrate, she will surround herself with noise and movement to help her achieve her task… another reason why she understands some of our client’s needs so well!