About The Potential Ability Group


The Potential Ability Group was created when two well established sister practices merged in 2018, combining to offer guidance, assistance, and treatment to clients of all ages, together with their support networks and organisations within our community.

The Potential Ability Group is collectively owned by partners; Laura and Julie who as Occupational Therapist’s themselves are passionate about providing well informed, caring, and inclusive Occupational Therapy services, with equal opportunity for people who reside in both metropolitan and regional areas.



Who We Are

The Potential Ability Group is a value driven organisation. We use our values to guide everything we do:

Building Strong Relationships: Being approachable, personable, motivated, supportive, honest, and transparent.

Work Life Balance: Supporting a healthy, positive work life balance for our team.

Evolving Potential: With equitable opportunities for all, continually striving for excellence, engaging with continuous improvement, committed to strengths and evidence-based practices, and to the development of our team.

The evolution of our company and brand has been thoughtfully curated to evidence who we are, what we do and where we do it. Our butterfly is a symbol of determination, evolution, and freedom, and intrinsically linked to the outcomes we support our clients to achieve. The body of our butterfly is a compass symbol, evoking a sense of potential and a journey that will be governed by perseverance, endurance, and determination, and speaks to vastness of the metropolitan and regional communities that TPAG services.

We believe that everyone should have the same access to services and not be penalised for where they live, so we provide services within the client’s community. We are committed to providing ongoing and regular support in rural areas which includes providing job opportunities for local community members. We believe that the best way to support an individual as well as the community is to go to the environment where they are facing the challenge in and share in their lived experiences.

We support local communities, not only through expanding the quality health services available, but by supporting local organisations, teams, and businesses.


What We Do

The Potential Ability Group provides Occupational Therapy services across the lifespan.

We provide services to children and adults of all ages who access support from the NDIS, as well as clients accessing Department of Veterans Affairs or Lifetime Support Authority funding and private clients. We ensure we enable clients the freedom of independent, dignified, and sustainable living and endeavours, to support a positive quality of life.

We achieve this by focusing on what our clients need, and/or want to do in their everyday lives. There are many benefits to Occupational Therapy, and this looks different depending on the individual, but can include something as humble as tying a shoelace or exploring new foods, to living safely at home, or being positively and productively involved in learning or the community environment.

We are 'committed to supporting ability' by encouraging participation with meaningful activities and truly believe that all our clients have the potential to ‘do’ and achieve their goals. We aim to provide a high quality, well informed, efficient, community-based therapy service where our therapist’s travel to clients schools, home, or other therapeutically beneficial locations and complete assessments, support and/or therapy within the context of your life; no sitting about in waiting rooms or travelling long distances for appointments. This also allows the therapist to plan sessions with the available tools and spaces in mind.

For a fuller picture of the options available for you, you can review our full list of services and the variety of potential funding supports.

Get Started

Our services can be funded through health funds, Medicare, DVA, insurance claims (including NDIS) or privately. Please complete our online referral form or contact us to complete a referral over the phone.

Please note that the referral form can be completed by either a client, caregiver, health professional or educator with permission from the client/caregiver.

Person-Centred Approach

The Potential Ability Group is committed to a Person-Centred approach in delivering supports to clients. This means we will:

  • Place clients at the centre of all planning and support processes;
  • Recognise the uniqueness of each client;
  • Respect the identity of each client;
  • Always focus on the strengths, contributions, and abilities of each client in all our interactions with them and their chosen supporters;
  • Recognise their chosen supporters as partners;
  • Work with chosen supporters to maximise personal connection, social participation, personal decision making and independence;
  • Ensure each client’s right to practice their culture, values and beliefs while accessing supports are facilitated and respected.

We acknowledge the rights to self-determination, dignity, and respect for all people with a disability, not only our clients.

We Believe In

  • The right of people to make choices in their own lives;
  • The right of people to expect dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality;
  • The right of people to be valued as individuals;
  • The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • The right of the community to have an accountable and responsive service.

AHPRA Registered

All of our Occupational Therapists are AHPRA registered and fully qualified.

We allocate OT’s not only based on location, but also based on individual needs and which OT’s expertise, experience and skill set best suit these needs.


Service Locations

Our team is dedicated to providing sustainable services to both metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia, and currently service Southern Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Murray Mallee Coorong, Riverland and Fleurieu regions.